CES  works with Student Union & Chalmers E-Village to allow you as students the best chance to start your entrepreneurial journey!

Chalmers E-village is a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship at the Chalmers University of Technology. It is a place full of opportunities for students, researchers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, growth companies and others who are interested in collaborating, sharing ideas and exchanging knowledge. The village is home to many organisations such as Chalmers Venture, which has more than 20 years of experience in launching, developing and funding research and knowledge-based companies. They create impact by helping research and innovations get to the market and establish successful companies. In addition, E-village also aims to support researchers, students and other parties interested in entrepreneurship and innovation.


Bharath V Poojary


Madeleine Xia


Siddharth Amin

Treasurer & IT in-charge

Feroz Basheer

PR Manager

Muhammad Abdullah

Event Co-ordinator

Zhengyang Song

Event Co-ordinator

Pranay Khona

Community Manager

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